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The core subject in Political Theory is designed for students with a special interest in the theoretical, normative, and philosophical aspects of politics. The core subject is part of the MSc program offered by the Department of Political Science, and it encourages and trains students to theorize and analyze normative issues in close dialogue with the political realities of disagreement, conflict, and power.

Students who participate in the core subject will become part of an internationally renowned research group, and they will be invited to workshops and conferences with speakers from across the world. Former students affiliated with the political theory research group are now working in academia, consulting, local and national government, NGO's, and the Danish National Bank.

Structure of the core subject

The core subject in Political Theory consists of two compulsory courses which students have to take during the same autumn semester:

Autumn semester (22,5 ECTS)


  Contemporary Political Theory (15 ECTS)


  Democratic Challenges (7,5 ECTS)

A specific course description and learning outcome for each of the courses will be available after the 1st of May at

As a student at the MSc in Political Science you can choose to write your master’s thesis (30 ECTS) within the field of your chosen core subject:

See examples of Master’s theses within the field of Political Theory.

Read more about the entire structure of the MSc in Political Science


Training in political theory enhances the ability to think analytically and creatively, as well as the ability to write clearly and logically. These competencies are valued and in high demand on the job market.

Special activities

Students who participate in the core subject in Political Theory will be invited to a number of activities outside the classroom. The aim of these activities is to strengthen the academic and social relations among students and professors. Student who participate in the core subject are also encouraged to attend the events organized by the student group Suveræn.

Registration for the core subject

You can only register after you have been admitted to the MSc in Political Science.

You register through Self Service in the course registration periods.

In the ordinary course registration period, students will as far as possible get a seat at their first priority. If, however, it isn’t possible due to insufficient resources, students are assigned a seat in the core subject by drawing lots. Students are guaranteed to get a seat at their second priority. Therefore, when signing up make sure to make 2 priorities.

In the post-registration period, students are assigned seats at the core subjects in accordance with first come, first served. 


If you have any academic questions regarding the core subject, please contact Professor MSO Lars Tønder. If you have any practical questions regarding registration for courses, exams or how to plan your study, please contact the Student Advisory Service.
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