Members of the Political Theory Research Group, Department of Political Science, University of Copenhagen.

Name Title Phone E-mail
Berg-Sørensen, Anders Associate professor, head of studies +45 353-23449 E-mail
Denman, Derek Scott Postdoc +45 353-20839 E-mail
Dichman, Anne-Sofie PhD Fellow +45 353-31656 E-mail
Ejsing, Mads PhD Fellow +45 353-31055 E-mail
Heinskou, Marie Bruvik Part-time lecturer   E-mail
Henderson, Tom PhD   E-mail
Holm, Minda PhD Fellow +4745282951 E-mail
Jakobsen, Uffe Associate professor +45 353-23404 E-mail
Parker, Noel Associate professor, research and development   E-mail
Rigkos-Zitthen, Ioannis PhD fellow +45 353-20587 E-mail
Rostbøll, Christian F. Professor +45 353-23428 E-mail
Thomassen, Lasse Associate professor +45 353-35942 E-mail
Tønder, Lars Professor with special responsibilities +45 353-20489 E-mail