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23 April 2015

Reviews of Lars Tønder's latest book

Lars Tønder's latest book "Tolerance: A Sensorial Orientation to Politics" (Oxford University Press, 2013) was recently reviewed in three major journals. As the excerpts below suggest, the book was very well received. If you are curious about what a sensorial orientation to politics means, the reviews provide a good introduction, or even better: Get the book!

"…appropriately impassioned…Tønder makes a compelling case that democratic theory would benefit from a more nuanced assessment of the political resonance of pain." Perspectives on Politics (vol 13, no. 1)

"timely and important book…Tønder has something to say that needs to be heard in this present context." Theory & Event (vol. 18, no. 2):

"…offers a highly original and sharply presented analysis of one of the most important concepts in democratic theory…a book that exemplifies generosity in the way it reads others…Tønder’s penetrating account offers indispensable tools for discerning, negotiating,
experimenting and struggling with…always-evolving relationships between modes of
tolerance and modes of intolerance". Contemporary Political Theory (advance online publication 24 February 2015)