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20 March 2016

Theresa Scavenius in Politiken on myths in climate-politics

Gør op med 3 myter i klimapolitik

In an article published in Politiken on March 20th Theresa Scavenius comments on what she calls myths in climate-politics. She states that three myths that dominate our understanding of climate-change make up a barrier for effective climate-policy.

With the agreement reached at COP21 in Paris, there is a consensus that climate-change requires political action. However, the way from political visions to political action is long. In order to succeed with climate-policy it is necessary to revise our understanding of climate-change as primarily a moral issue because the task of transforming moral obligations to practical policy is difficult. Thus, it is necessary to obtain a less abstract understanding of climate-change. This also mean that there is no reason to believe that climate-policy needs to be handled in a different way than environmental-policy has been. 

Another myth in climate-policy, Scavenius states, is that climate-change is an individual problem and has individual solutions. This takes away attention from a collective responsibility and ultimately from necessary collective solutions.