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25 September 2016

Theresa Scavenius on EU in Politiken

In Politiken on September 25th Theresa Scavenius comments on the increasing pressure the EU in under in the aftermath of Brexit.

Scavenius notes that the EU is under increasing pressure in at least to ways. Firstly, the EU’s geopolitical position will be weakened as Great Britain leaves the Union. The proporsions of such a weakening are so great that it can make negotiations with Turkey on migration issues as well as for negotiations with Russia on energy supply and the Ukraine crises much for difficult for the EU.

Secondly, the EU is struggling with an increasing Eurosceptism and overall fragmentation. The explanation suggested to this trend is that large parts of the European population has not benefitted from globalization and that the EU hasn’t been able to manage this challenge. 

Scavenius ends on an invitation to see the seriousness of the challenges the EU is facing. It is necessary to look beyond growth and employment and acknowledge that the EU might be challenged on their ability to uphold their territory and to secure energy supply.

Theresa Scavenius is a Postdoc at the department of Political Science.