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10 February 2016

Theresa Scavenius and Malene Lindberg comments on COP21 on

In an article published on Theresa Scavenius and Malene Lindberg comments on the success of COP21 in Paris. To Scavenius the agreement reached in Paris in a clear sign that world leaders agree that climate-change is man-made and requires action.

However, the Paris-agreement is also a success because with it democracy has proved able to formulate effective climate-policy. This point is remarkable because democracy is often criticized in relation to climate-policy. It is said that democracy is incapable of finding the long-range solutions that is necessary to fight climate-change. The reason for this being that politicians are elected frequently and therefore are fairly short-sighted. Thus representative democracy becomes a barrier for effective climate-policy.

Scavenius argues that this critique is mistaken, at least in the Danish case. Among Danish voters, it turns out, the majority is worried about climate-change, regardless of their political stands. Thus, there is no ground for claiming that the lack of political action on climate-policy is due to a need to please Danish voters. Instead the lack of will to take action seems to be among the politicians.

The full article can be found here.