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03 November 2014

Recent publications from the Political Theory group

Berg-Sørensen, Anders (2014): Secular Agency in a Post-Secular Age? In European Political Science 13, 302-305. 
Over the last decade, Jürgen Habermas has taken active part in the public debates on the role of religion in our contemporary world and been engaged in dialogues with both religious and secular people. In his writings on religion in the public sphere, he has defended a secular constitutional state based on principles of universal egalitarianism, and he has diagnosed our contemporary society as a post-secular one.

Dabelsteen, Hans Bruun (2014): "Same rights for everybody? On secularism, modest establishment and same-sex marriage”, Ethnicities.

This article seeks to map the current discussion of secularism and propose two conceptual expansions. The first is to include modest establishment in a framework of secularism defendable by political liberalism, and the second is to consider secularism in close connection to a theory of peoplehood. This understanding is illustrated by a reconstruction of Danish secularism and a recent case of Danish legislation allowing same-sex church marriage. Here, attention will be given to how questions of basic liberal principles in relation to religion spilled over into questions of peoplehood.

Rostbøll, Christian F. “Statelessness, Domination, and Unfreedom: Arendt and Pettit in Dialogue,” in To Be Unfree: Republicanism and Unfreedom in History, Literature, and Philosophy, ed. Christian Dahl and Tue Andersen Nexø. Bielefeld: Transcript Verlag, 2014, pp. 19-36.