21 February 2016

Theresa Scavenius and Malene Lindberg in Politiken

In an article in Politiken Theresa Scavenius and Malene Lindberg comment on a study on which factors are decisive in choose climate-friendly alternatives.

The study finds that economic incitements are not as predominant as one might have expected considering that these have been central in most attempts to promote climate-friendly choices throughout the last 20 years. Instead, Scavenius and Lindberg find that when making climate-friendly choices Danes are driven more by a conviction that this is “the right thing to do” than by economic reason.

Scavenius and Lindberg find that an important barrier lies in Danes not thinking, that they are actually able to change their lifestyle and make more climate-friendly choices. The problem is not a lack of will but a lack of options. Thus, there is a need political action to change institutions and infrastructure in a way that supports a more climate-friendly behavior.

The full article can be found here.