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09 February 2016

Ditte Maria Brasso Sørensen in DR2 Morgen

On Feburary 9th 2016, Ditte Maria Brasso Sørensen was a guest on DR2 Morgen. Due to her expertise on EU democracy, she was invited to comment on the launch of the organization “Democracy in Europe Movement 2025".

Yanis Varoufakis is responsible for the project, which aims for a reformation of the European Union to make it more democratic. According to Varoufakis, the need for such a movement stems from from the tensions between European politics on one hand and democracy on the other. Tensions which have grown significantly since the financial crisis. He claims that this tension can only be handled either by further democratizing of the political structure of the Union, or by letting the EU disintegrate.

Ditte Maria Brasso Sørensen presented DiEM25 as a mainly left-wing movement that speaks to the growing skepticism towards the European Union, but does so in a definitively different manner than the dominant skepticism that is currently present across the Union. This movement accedes to the growing Euro-skepticism, not by advocating for national sovereignty, but by suggesting reformation of the political structures of the European community.

In this way, Varoufakis joins a trend among several left-wing parties to be critical of the economic policy of the union without suggesting European disintegration.

Among DiEM25’s concrete policy-proposals are live-streaming of meetings, registration of lobbyists and that the public should be able to gain access to documents faster and more easily. These proposals will improve transparency of decision-making in the EU and, according to Ditte Maria Brasso Sørensen, they have a good chance of being supported. That being said, the long-term goals of rewriting the constitution of the European Union will most likely make a difficult project.

The full clip can be found here.