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09 October 2015

Lars Tønder and Christian Rostbøll in Weekendavisen

On September 30th the Political Theory group organized a seminar to mark the 10-year anniversary of the publication of the Muhammed Cartoons in Jyllandsposten. The speakers were Lars Tønder and Christian Rostbøll from the Political Theory group, Professor Lene Hansen from the IR group, journalist Anders Jerichow from Politiken, and cartoonist Claus Seidel. More than 120 people and the Danish newspaper Weekendavisen (see below) showed up to hear about what we have learned about freedom of speech and democratic culture since the Cartoon Crisis. Judging from the seminar we have learned a lot but have much more to learn still.

Article in the Danish paper Weekendavisen about the Cartoon seminar

Article from the Danish newspaper Weekendavisen reporting on the Cartoon seminar.