Benjamin Ask Popp-Madsen wins Carlsberg internationalization postdoc stipend – University of Copenhagen

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05 December 2018

Benjamin Ask Popp-Madsen wins Carlsberg internationalization postdoc stipend

Benjamin Ask Popp-Madsen has been awarded a Carlsberg internationalization postdoc stipend to study how democracies can respond to the challenges of populism and authoritarian regimes.
The project is titled “Beyond Militant Democracy: Popularizing the Defense of Democracy in Times of Populism”. The hypothesis is that instead of defending democracy by constraining it – i.e. the strategy of militant democracy – democracies can engage in practices of self-defense by deepening democracy. Whereas the responsibility of democratic self-defense in contemporary democracies falls on the political elites, the project will investigate ways in which the responsibility of combatting emerging authoritarian threats can be democratized and brought into the hands of the demos.
Benjamin Ask Popp-Madsen recently defended his Ph.D. degree in political theory with a dissertation on the tradition of council democracy in 20th century political theory. For the past 6 months, he has worked as a postdoc in the Compromise project associated with the political theory group. Benjamin is currently finishing a book manuscript entitled Visions of Council Democracy: Castoriadis, Arendt, Lefort. The manuscript is slated for publication in 2020 with Edinburgh University Press.
Benjamin Ask Popp-Madsen will begin his new position at Uppsala University in January, 2019.