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Christian F. Rostbøll speech at Puigdemont visit

In January, Catalan leader Carles Puigdemont visited the department for a discussion of the separatist movement and referendum in Catalonia, to the attention of the world press. Here Christian Rostbøll contributed in a panel discussion with Puigdemont. Rostbøll challenged Puigdemont on the the role of the disagreeing Catalan minorities, and presented a discussion based on the research on compromise from the Compromise-project.


New podcast on the political compromise with Christian Rostbøll and Ditte Sørensen (Danish)

Christian Rostbøll and Ditte Sørensen were represented as some of the first on the department's new podcast series, Eftertanker. Here they discurss the political compromise on the back of the research of the Compromise-project.