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Master's Thesis

The Specialization in Political Theory concludes with a 60-80-page long master’s thesis on a topic chosen by the student. Recent thesis titles include:

  • "A decision in dispute: The democratic legitimacy of the Danish Parliament's decision to send a military contribution to the 2003 invasion of Iraq."
  • "Cyberspace: A dispositive analysis of the sovereign territorial connotations of the metaphor and their consequences for international regulation of the cyber field." 
  • "Work and freedom: A Kantian critique of Danish employment policy." 
  • "Dirty hands or dirty war?: An examination of Danish politicians' discourse on the war against Islamic State."

An additional requirement is participation in the thesis seminar (“specialeseminar”) during which students present drafts of their thesis and discuss the work of the other participants.  As part of the writing process, students who participate in the specialization will be assigned a supervisor from the political theory research group.