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Benjamin Ask Popp-Madsen

Benjamin Ask Popp-Madsen

PhD fellow

Member of:

  • Political Theory

Political theory and political intellectual history, especially democratic thought, the intellectural history of democracy, popular movements and new forms of political participation, the political theory and history of revolutions, theories of self-government and questions of sovereignty, the development of the state and the constituent power.

PhD Project

My PhD project analyzes various historical attempts to establish alternative, autonomous political communities beside and beyond the existing institutions of the state and representational channels of participation. Specifically, I engage with the council democratic (council socialism or council communism) movement in interwar Europe, particularly Russia, Germany, Britain and Italy, and the movement's attempt to create participatory political institutions of democratic self-government.

I am interested in understanding the interwar council democrats as on the one hand a part of a revolutionary political tradition, which can be found in the American and French revolutions and in the Paris Commune, and on the other hand as a living source of inspiration for contemporary democratic struggles and democratic theory.

My sypervisor is Christian F. Rostbøll.

I have published articles on political theory and democratic thought in Tidsskriftet Politik, Højskolebladet, Slagmark - Tidsskrift for idéhistorie, Ideas in History - Nordic Journal for the History of Ideas and



I have previously teached the course Political Theory and the History of Ideas several times. In the spring semester 2015 I will be teaching the graduate course Radical Democracy and the Political Theory of Revolution.


I supervise bachelor projects and MA theses within political theory, especially on democratic theory, political participation, representation, the constituent power, revolution, political intellectual history, revolutionary political theory and praxis and Hannah Arendt. 

ID: 21681129